How Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

Most people know that if you sleep in some weird way, your neck will have pains in the morning. What you do not know is that this is just one of the health issues resulting to various sleeping positions. From back pains to neck stiffness, there are a lot more health issues that are related to how one sleeps. Different sleeping positions may ease or worsen certain health conditions. They include:

Sleeping on your back

egrht6yjtytukhjhFrom various studies, this position increases the risk of obstructive sleep apnea. This is likely to happen for those who have other disease risk factors such as overweight. However, this position does not necessarily mean health problems. If you do not wake up with any complains or symptoms, then this is the best position for you.

Sleeping on your stomach

While this might be a common position for many, it has been proven to be the worst sleeping position. It could be helpful for digestion at night while reducing sleep apnea issues. However, it exerts a lot of pressure on the spine which is evidenced by back aches in the morning. This position pushes you into unnatural angle for long hours at night and should be avoided.

Sleeping on your side

There are more health benefits than problems from sleeping on your side. It helps to avert back pains and neck problems too. A supportive pillow or mattress could add to the benefits of sleeping in this position. Sleeping in this position, especially on the left side, would be helpful for those having regular heartburn problems.

Sleeping with your partner

It matters how you sleep if you share a bed with someone else. It could be hard for you to stay in a deep sleep for long if your partner is snoring. For those who love cuddling at night, sharing with such a partner would be a great night for you. You develop a strong bond between the two of you.egret6y6u7tugfd

Your health is not just dependent of sleep, but also the quality for sleep you get. Sleeping positions could mean a lot to the quality of sleep one gets. It is important to discover the best sleeping position for you and in case of any health issues, discuss with your doctor for the best advice. Take time to learn how each position affects you. This can be monitored in the morning depending on how one feels after waking up.